1.4 Physical Metallurgy Laboratory (PML)

Οριζόντιο μενού



The Physical Metallurgy Laboratory (PML) of the Mechanical Engineering Department of School of Engineering of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki (AUTH) was established in 1974 offering high quality education and research in undergraduate and postgraduate level.

Laboratory Director: 
Teaching and Research Personnel: 
Special Laboratory Teaching Staff: 
Special Technical Laboratory Staff: 
Private law open-ended contract staff: 
Phd candidates: 
  1. Arvanitidis Apostolos, Mechanical Engineer TE, MSc
  2. Baxevani Aikaterini, Dipl. Mechanical Engineer, MSc
  3. Dimitriou Evgenia, Dipl. Chemical Engineer
  4. Gallios Nikolaos, Dipl. Civil Engineer
  5. Kouparanis Stefanos, Dipl. Mechanical Engineer, MSc
  6. Mpoufina Anna, Chemist, MSc
  7. Pantazopoulos Marios, Dipl. Mechanical Engineer
  8. Prospathopoulos Alexandros, Dipl. Mechanical Engineer, MSc
  9. Smyrnaios Emmanouil, Dipl. Mechanical Engineer
  10. Tolmaidis Savvas, Dipl. Chemical Engineer, MSc
  11. Tsirlis Michail, Dipl. Mechanical Engineer, MSc
  12. Vlachou Afrodite, Chemist, MSc