3.1 Laboratory of Business Administration (LBA)

Οριζόντιο μενού


The Laboratory of Business Administration (LBA) has been operating within the Industrial Management Department of the School of Mechanical Engineering since 1993. The Laboratory satisfies educational and research needs in the scientific area of Business Administration, with emphasis on the systematic treatment of issues related to Production Management with the aid of quantitative methods. LBA is located on the 7th floor of Building D at the School of Engineering.

The research activity of LBA focuses on production planning and control, quality assurance, maintenance, inventory management, reverse logistics, system dynamics. The research activity takes the form of basic research, which translates to scientific publications in international academic journals, and applied research with direct applications to the improvement of operations and economic efficiency of companies and organizations in the private and public sector, as documented by the results of a substantial number of funded research projects.

Laboratory Director: 
Teaching and Research Personnel: 
Special Laboratory Teaching Staff: 
Special Technical Laboratory Staff: 
Phd candidates: 
  1. Ευθύμιος Κατσώρας  (2310 99 4244 , katsorase@auth.gr)
  2. Αλκιβιάδης Κοσκοσίδης, M.Sc. (2310 , alkos@meng.auth.gr)