1.2 Laboratory of Machine Tools and Manufacturing Engineering (LMTME)

Οριζόντιο μενού



The Laboratory for Machine Tools and Manufacturing Engineering EEDM of the School of Mechanical Engineering, of the Aristotle University Thessaloniki (Greece), was established in 1980. It is active in several research areas and provides high quality teaching in a large variety of subjects. EEDM staff consists of 33 members (2003), four technicians and administrative personnel and twenty nine researchers. Eleven of the researchers hold a Doctor degree, while the rest are engineers with five years degree, conducting research works, the results of which will represent the core of their Doctoral theses. Furthermore over 30 students per year are elaborating their Diploma dissertations, within the frame of the Laboratory research projects. EEDM is equipped with CNC and conventional machine tools, measuring instruments, industrial robots, case hardening unit, network of computers etc. Within the scope of its research activities, the Laboratory cooperates with Greek and European Research Institutions and Industries. Several research projects have been completed, with the support of Industrial, National or European funding and other further ones are in progress. Results of the research efforts of EEDM appear frequently as journal publications and in the proceedings of national and international conferences. The highlights of the research activities and results performed by EEDM personnel are presented also every three years, in a special conference, which is well attended by people of the industrial and engineering communities. The proceedings of conferences organized by EEDM are published and are available upon request.

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