4.1 Environmental Informatics Research Group

Οριζόντιο μενού


Environmental Informatics combines Mechanical and Environmental Engineering with Computational Intelligence and Software Enginering for investigating and solving problems realted to the status and the quality of the environment.

Our group emphasises on the design and development of Quality of Life information serivces, in the provision of solutions related to the physical, chemical and biological weather and in supporting industry for analysing and modelling complex systems.

Laboratory Director: 
Phd candidates: 
  • Nikos Katsifarakis: Adaptive modelling via hybrid algorithms in environmental informatics problems
  • Theodosios Kassandros: Analysis and modelling of environmental sensors
  • Vaggelis Bagkis: Computational improvement of low cost sensors in real time



Dr. Mech. Eng. Thanos Arvanitis

Dr. Civil. Eng. Yannis Kontos


MSc students (current)

A total of 12 MSc and 2 untegraduate students are currently working on their thesis in the frame of the academic and research activities of the group.