Welcome to the School of Mechanical Engineering in the Faculty of Engineering of Aristotle University of Thessaloniki.

Mechanical Engineering is an exciting, stimulating and dynamic discipline. It deals with flowing and moving matter and energy. It harnesses energy in all forms for the generation of useful work, designs and constructs machines and mechanisms that perform accurate and delicate actions and procedures, organizes complex manufacturing systems for efficient operation under varying conditions.

As a student in the School of Mechanical Engineering at AUTh you will be part of a thrilling adventure that commences from creative ideas and innovative propositions that utilizing the very essence of fundamental natural sciences results in the development of ingenious designs of machines, materials, and production systems that perform under extremely tight operational and safety specifications.

We are proud of our top quality 5 year Engineering Study Program that leads to an integrated degree of the Master level. A diploma thesis in the final year of studies immerses the young engineer to the methodology of research in the field of mechanical engineering by posing research questions and seeking truly innovative and unique solutions that offer feasible, efficient, and better products, mechanical structures, materials, methods, mathematical models, and production systems.

Dedicated teaching staff will be at your side to guide you through this fascinating endeavor within a highly challenged and stimulating environment aiming at providing the necessary knowledge but also liberating the creative and resourceful talents within each one of you.

I am sure that you will discover with them an exciting research topic such as the design of powertrains and the study of fatigue in vehicle shafts (Laboratory of Machine Elements and Machine Design), the development of smart monitoring systems for the planning of maintenance tasks and the use of system dynamics for production planning (Laboratory of Business Administration), the design of environmentally friendly exhaust systems in automobiles and combustions systems (Laboratory of Applied Thermodynamics), the aerodynamic design of unmanned aerial vehicles and the design of energy efficient aero-engines (Laboratory of Fluid Mechanics and Turbomachinery), the kinematic study of heavy vehicles and the flight control of quadcopters (Machine Dynamics Laboratory), the improvement of energy efficiency through innovative new building materials and the utilization of renewable energy resources (Process Equipment Design Laboratory), the optimization of sustainable supply chains (Laboratory of Quantitative Analysis, Logistics and Supply Chain Management), the application of mechanical engineering in machine tools and the understanding of the Antikythira mechanism (Laboratory of Machine Tools and Manufacturing Engineering), the development of innovative nanomaterials with targeted properties (Physical Metallurgy Laboratory), the study of air pollution in urban environment through accurate mathematical models (Laboratory of Heat Transfer and Environmental Engineering), and the management of big data for information extraction (Group of Environmental Informatics).

Erasmus+ exchange students are particularly welcomed to experience one or two semesters in our School. The international orientation and extroversion in both research and teaching of the School Departments has resulted in a friendly environment for international students. Furthermore, Thessaloniki with a long continuous history and tradition of multiculturalism sets the perfect stage for a unique academic and life experience.

In conclusion I would like to emphasize that:

• You study in one of the best renowned Schools of Mechanical Engineering.

• You are heading to a profession with unlimited perspectives and opportunities.

And encourage you to:

• Enjoy knowledge and unleash you creativity!

• Think out of the box and aim high!

Athanasios Michailidis
Head of the School