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Process Equipment Design Laboratory

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Laboratory Equipment

The Process Equipment Design Laboratory (PEDL) was established in 1976 and started operations in 1978, under the directorship of Prof, (emeritus now) V. Sotiropoulos.

PEDL's permanent staff consists of one associate professor, two lecturers, four research fellows and one technician. Currently eight researchers, seven of which are PhD candidates, and one secretary support the research activities of PEDL. Furthermore, some ten to fifteen students per year prepare their diploma dissertation in the areas covered by PEDL, under the supervision of PEDL's permanent staff.

PEDL's facilities today consist of 140 m2 of offices and 100 m2 test ground.A new test facility of 415 m2 however is under construction and it is expected to become operational in the immediate future. After this expansion, the today existing small hot water boiler test rig will be extended and officially accredited, covering water and steam boilers up to 400 kW.

Heat exchanger development and evaluation as well as other departments for thermal and physical processes (e.g. drying, filtration etc.) are also under development in the new facilities.

Additionally, the solar thermal system department of PEDL uses he open roof of the existing building for development and testing of the relevant systems.

PEDL's equipment includes
: particle size analyzer (SMPS by TSI), portable exhaust gas analysis system (PG 250 by HORIBA), ultrasonic flow meters (PT 878 by PANAMETRICS for liquids, UMA by SICK for gases), bomb calorimeter (1341 EE by PARR), data logging systems (CR10 data logger by CAMPBELL SCIENTIFIC, DAQ system with signal conditioning by NATIONAL INSTRUMENTS), gas mass flow meters (model 4040 by TSI), vacuum pumps and filter holders for particulate sampling, analytical balance (model AB204S by METTLER TOLEDO), and a full stand-alone meteorological station (including pyrometers and amplifiers by EPPLEY, humidity by SKYE INSTRUMENTS and temperature by T. FRIEDRICH Co probes, wind speed and direction detectors supplemented with data logging capabilities), apart from the every day use standard equipment (thermocouples, pressure gauges, PC's and laptops, printers, scanners, digitizers etc.)

Activity Areas

PEDL is active (research and services) in the areas of:

  • Design, control and optimization of thermal processes and energy systems.
  • Energy audits of buildings and energy systems, including large industrial installations.
  • Design, control and optimization of central heating and air conditioning systems for buildings.
  • Design, evaluation and optimization of solar energy systems.
  • Evaluation of renewable energy sources potential.
  • Development of soft and renewable energy systems, with emphasis in solar and low-depth geothermal energy.
  • Transient operation modeling of energy systems and buildings.
  • Emission inventories with GIS support.
  • Life cycle analysis of energy systems, from the simple (e.g. hot water solar collectors) to complex ones (e.g. thermal power plants).
  • Regional analysis of energy production and utilization.

Agis Papadopoulos

Professor, Director of the Process Equipment Design Laboratory

Energy Department, Laboratory of Process Equipment Design




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