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Laboratory of Heat Transfer and Environmental Engineering

Building temperature map
Building temperature map

The Laboratory of Heat Transfer and Environmental Engineering (LHTEE) is part of the Energy Department of the School Mechanical Engineering of the Aristotle University Thessaloniki, Greece. The Laboratory is responsible for eleven pre-graduate courses, while also supervising about fifteen doctoral candidates in the frame of their graduate studies. Furthermore, it has a long record of research and consulting activities, both at national and international level. Most of the research funds of the Laboratory originate from competitive programmes of the European Commission, although we receive on a regular basis also grants from national funding agencies. During the last ten years, the turnover of the Laboratory exceeded five million €. Results of our research efforts are published in peer-reviewed journals and in the proceedings of national and international conferences. Since 2002, highlights of our activities are presented every year in our Annual Report “Sustainability Dimensions”.

Activity Areas

LHTEE conducts basic and applied research in three main areas:

  • Energy systems and technology: process analysis and optimisation, renewable energy sources, rational energy use, Life Cycle Analysis (LCA), sustainable production
  • Air pollution: transport and transformation of pollutants, air quality assessment and management, environmental impact assessment, integrated environmental assessment, climate change-adaptation and mitigation
  • Waste management: logistics and contaminated site management, recycling, thermal treatment and energy recovery, pricing schemes

Moreover, LHTEE is capable of offering various services either at national or at international level, individually or in collaboration with other laboratories and enterprises in the following fields:

  • Environmental impact assessment studies.
  • Planning and analysis of air pollution abatement strategies.
  • Consulting services in atmospheric environment protection.
  • Technoeconomical studies in energy technology and waste management.
  • Risk management of industrial plants.
  • Assessments for Life Cycle Analysis and eco-design.
  • Implementation of environmental management tools and regulations (ISO 14001, EMAS, Eco-label, IPPC).
  • Recycling assessment studies.

In compliance with the requirements of the ISO 9001:2008 standard, the Laboratory aims to ensure that staff members in all areas of activity have the awareness and skills necessary to efficiently respond to the challenges of self-evaluation, action planning, and continuous improvement. The Laboratory has the appropriate technical infrastructure including equipment such as an infrared camera, a combustion gas analyser, as well as air temperature, humidity, CO2 and CO sensors and loggers, portable weather stations, a dustTrak aerosol monitor, and a multi gas detector.  It possesses also sufficient hardware to support effectively its educational obligations and activities related to research and the provision of services.

Nicolas Moussiopoulos

Professor, Director of the Laboratory of Heat Transfer and Environmental Engineering

Energy Department, Laboratory of Heat Tranfer and Environmental Engineering